Farmville Virginia

After our client Longwood University was chosen to host the 2016 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate, the Town of Farmville, Virginia, where Longwood is located, realized that the eyes of the world would soon be upon them. Longwood recommended that DIA be enlisted to quickly rebrand the town and make sure that it presented a very positive and welcoming image for all the world to see.


The resulting effort was a historic collaboration between the Town of Farmville, Prince Edward County, Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College, which is also located in Farmville.


In just 45 days, a distinctive new logo and tourism-centric website – – was developed and implemented, along with attractive and innovative advertising and signage promoting the debate, welcoming visitors and celebrating our democratic process.

The logo and website anchors a continuing social media strategy, similar to our approach for Coastal Virginia, which includes generation of original content promoting awareness and visitation, and celebrating all that makes Farmville a great place to live and visit.


The effort has been hailed as a great success by all the entities involved. The website was invaluable as a place to direct the flood of inquiries and information seekers during the lead-up to and day of the October 4 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate, and it continues to serve as a powerful tool for recruiting students to Longwood University and attracting visitors to Farmville, Virginia.