The Bra-ha-ha®

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center (CRMC) opened a new state-of-the-art breast center with dedicated breast surgeons and looked to DIA to help them create ‘something’ that would position them as leaders in breast health for all women.


DIA created The Bra-ha-ha® as a way to create awareness for breast health, the Breast Center, and raise money to provide mammograms for those in our community who need it most.


CRMC’s research showed that there was a tremendous need in the community for breast health services and they knew women were putting off mammography for the following reasons: fear, time and lack of insurance coverage. The Bra-ha-ha® with its messaging and mission counters these barriers and is saving lives.


The Bra-ha-ha® is a fundraising event that brings together people of all walks of life – everyone from men, women and children to seniors and major international fashion designers – to decorate bras in some of the most creative, hilarious and eye-catching ways imaginable. Each bra tells a story of hope, perseverance and support. The bras are assembled in an art exhibit to celebrate the stories, the survivors and the spirit of those working to promote breast health.


Even more importantly, The Bra-ha-ha® has brought on national sponsors Cosabella and Nieman Marcus Orlando, with Bra-ha-ha® events planned in both Long Island, New York, and at Neiman Marcus in Orlando, Florida.